This project seeks to deliver extension and education resources to British Columbia’s small flock poultry owners and is led by the Fraser Valley Poultry Fanciers Association. The project is funded by the Farmed Animal Disease (FAD) Program, which is funded by the Province of British Columbia through the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food and delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia. We gratefully acknowledge the funding support of the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food for making this project possible.

Through the project, we intend deliver a very comprehensive approach to establishing a support, training and education program that will be available to BC small flock holders through various modes of access, ultimately supporting the long-term goal of the development of a communications network of poultry owners. To accomplish this, we intend to leverage what cohesion does exist in the small flock communities in BC and seek to build and enhance these existing resources though the activities and ultimately develop a province-wide and inclusive small flock poultry network to carry this work into the future.

Duckling in a tray of eggs

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